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Abalone shell Haliotis Midae XL

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Abalone shell Haliotis Midae XL 

For burning incense, like white sage clusters and smudges. A very beautiful shell!
Country of origin: Philippines.

Cobra stand triangle (W9482) to be ordered separately.

Product specifications

Material: Shell 15-17 cm 

Abalone shells are known for the beauty of their mother-of-pearl shine. These special shells have multiple meanings. They are traditionally known for use in "smudging". With smudging, herbs such as white sage are burned in a shell. In addition, the shell is a symbol for the element of water, making the ritual complete according to the old traditions.


The origin of the beautiful abalone shell

The abalone shell comes from the sea snail with the name abalone or "sea ear". The shell does indeed resemble an ear in terms of shape. This ear has a beautiful pearly sheen, which some people associate with the seven colors of the chakras. In addition, the rainbow color stands for unity and happiness.

Abalone shells are traditionally used by Indians. They burned herbs in the shell to dispel evil energy and attract friendly, good spirits. To make contact with the spiritual world, various herbs could be burned. The best known example of this is white sage. The Indians burned the herb in an abalone shell or other shell to clean their environment. Hereby the herbs stood for the element earth, the burning for fire, the shell for water and the smoke for the air element. The ritual was complete with the four elements.


Burn your own herbs with the abalone shell

The abalone shell has several functions. You can go through different rituals with it, or come up with your own ritual. Because of the beautiful mother-of-pearl sheen, the shell is always nice to put down somewhere, even for decoration.

If you like to burn incense cones, palo santo wood or herbs, then an abalone shell fits you perfectly. The shell is fireproof and large enough for twigs such as white sage. At the ancient Indian rituals, the shell symbolized the element of water. If you want to perform a classical cleaning, then this is complete if you use the abalone shell.

Cleansing and soothing herbs are available in pure, dried form and in incense (cones). For example, you often burn twigs from white sage and pieces of wood from palo santo.


Buy Abalone shell XL online

The abalone shell and other "smudge" shells can be quickly ordered from Eastern Trading. Because this shell is a natural product, the appearance may differ slightly from the image. To order, log in with us or create an account. Then you can easily view all prices and place an order. We always ship in-stock items within 48 hours.

If you have a question about an item or delivery, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you further.

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