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Årmband/ Bracelet White howlite, citrine, lilac stone, faceted a

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And now let us welcome the new day, full of things that never were. - Unknown


  • White howlite, citrine, lilac stone, faceted amethyst, rose quartz, rhodonite, pink opal, faceted chrysoprase & faceted aquamarine with silver-plated brass
  • Oxidized sterling silver lotus charm
  • Stone bead size - 4mm
  • Stretch bracelets measure 7", sized to fit most wrists
  • Hand-made in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Linen jewelry pouch with corresponding stone & symbol cards included


Strongly associated with feelings of love and passion, opal amplifies one’s emotional desires while inspiring creativity and originality.  Opal encourages one to release negative emotions and replace them with positive ones, thus strengthening relationships and promoting loyalty


Owing to its powerful filtering action, amazonite promotes clarity by dispelling negative energy, aggravation, and blockages within the nervous system.  This soothing stone also supports universal love by encouraging empathy and balancing masculine and feminine energies.


A powerful and protective stone, amethyst guards one from all forms of negative energy.  With strong healing and cleansing properties, this stone also calms and stimulates the mind to provide mental focus, emotional centering & spiritual awareness.


A stone of reasoning, Aquamarine helps to overcome public speaking by reminding the wearer of their own truth, allowing articulation with clarity and conviction. The stone is also said to help two peopke with different lifestyles live together in harmony.


An exceptionally calming stone, howlite can help one overcome anger and develop patience. As it aids in tranquility, this stone is especially helpful for sleep and meditation. Howlite is also beneficial for motivating one to learn and aids in improving memory.


With soothing and calming properties, lilac stone is helpful in relieving anxiety and depression, especially during times of grief or deep emotional suffering. Its strong positive energy prompts the occurrence of coincidence or synchronicity.


A balancing stone, rhodonite calms the mind by both grounding one’s energy and steadying one’s emotions.  It helps to clear emotional wounds, allowing one to recognize self-destructive patterns and reach a more peaceful balance. With its profound calming abilities, rhodonite is often used to enhance meditation.


Growing out of the depths of muddy water into a beautiful, pristine flower, the lotus is a symbol of our own human experience. We travel through life, at times through experiences of challenge and darkness, but we arrive on the other side, stronger, wiser, and with a beautiful fresh perspective.


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