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Ayurvedic herbal tea Kapha cardboard box organic

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Ayurvedic herbal tea Kapha cardboard box organic

In these pockets of natural wonder you will experience a fiery herb infusion of holy basil, ginger and lemongrass, which helps invigorate you whilst maintaining vitality, a resistance to stress, alongside the zingy citrus flavours adding to a unique exotic taste.

Information on package in English.
Ingredients on package listed in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, German and Italian.

Kapha Dosha - the structure principle
Kapha Dosha consists mainly of the elements earth and water, gives the body firmness and stability and regulates the flow of bodily fluids.
When this dosha is in balance, it provides physical strength, endurance, a properly functioning immune system, patience and mental stability.

Dating back some 5000 Years, Ayurveda helps you achieve a balanced mind, body and soul; through diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine and the physical activities of yoga, breathing techniques and meditation. 

How to use 
Release the goodness of these incredible herb blends by infusing in freshly boiled water for at least 5 minutes.

Lemongrass, ginger, fennel, basil, lemon peel, cinnamon, black pepper.

Product specifications
Herbal tea, 15 biodegradable bags (*) 
100% natural and organic wildcrafted plant ingredients
No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Composed by Ayurvedic specialists

* Tea bags are made of biodegradable PLA (polylactic acid) extracted from corn, made by Fuso International in Japan.

Product specifications

Weight grams 15x2

Organic Organic

Vegan Vegan

Caffeine Cafeine free

Total weight gr. 55

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