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Buddha Akshobya statue 800 grams

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Buddha Akshobya statue

Akshobya Buddha is one of the five Dhyani Buddhas. His colour of visualization is blue and he is associated with the heart chakra. Akshobya symbolizes the transformation of anger and sadness into love and compassion. He makes the mudra of touching the earth and this represents stability. The main qualities of Akshobya Buddha are love and the keeping of a pure bond with the Guru (spiritual teacher). His mantra is Om Ah Akshobya Hum. 

Nowadays you will find in many homes a meditation corner, with a favourite Buddha's statue, flowers, candles, scents and pictures of loved ones. It is the place one can have his or her daily moment of reflection, contemplation and meditation.

Product specifications

Size 14 cm 

Material : Brass

Weight  800 grams 

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