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Crystal Singing Bowl F#-tone + safety bag 432 Hz 25 cm

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Crystal Singing Bowl F#-tone + safety bag 432 Hz

Tuned in F#, comes with bag, mallet and rubber stability ring.
We recommend to order also the rubber mallet extra, product # 1715.

Carry and store your crystal singing bowl in style and safely. Our Crystal Singing Bowl carrying cases are custom-made. Thick padding helps protect your bowls. 

432 Hertz (Hz)
Sound and music consist in vibrations. The higher the number of vibrations per second, the higher the tone. The unit for this is the Hertz (Hz). 432 Hz is the natural "tone pitch" of the universe. That tone is intertwined in nature, in mathematics, in planetary orbits, in the entire universe. All classical music by Bach, Brahms and so on, was composed and was originally performed using the 'standard' A (=A4) on 432Hz. Our series of “432 Hz” crystal singing bowls are also tuned in this way. This leads to the following frequencies in the tones we sell*:

C4 = 257 Hz
D4 = 289 Hz
E4 = 324 Hz
F4 = 343 Hz
G4 = 385 Hz
A3 = 216 Hz
B3 = 244 Hz

Not only are tones tuned in the 432 Hz scale more pleasant to the ear, it also ensures a harmonious resonance of your entire 'being' with our planet and the universe. This natural resonance leads to a greater wellbeing of both body and mind.
* A deviation of up to 4 Hz more or less, is considered normal.

Product specifications

Size cm 25

Tone F#

Material Crystal

Total weight gr. 3740

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