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Fleur de Vie White Lotus 15gr

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Fleur de Vie White Lotus 15gr

Fleur de Vie –White Lotus
 Fleur de Vie is a series of chic incense, from authentic scents that are never released before. The flower of life contains a blueprint of entire creation. The symbol can be found in several ancient civilizations such as in Indian and Egyptian Temples. But you will also find this symmetrical symbol in Greece, Israel and Japan and China. It’s the fundamental form of time and space. Her sacred geometry can be found in various esoteric movements as a powerful spiritual symbol full of mathematics. With her 19 circles, she is currently known for her use in the New Age movement and represents unity consciousness.

White Lotus
The lotus is a endearing flower. Within the Buddhism even the story goes that Buddha was born from a lotus flower. It’s a spiritual flower that smells wonderful and stand for purity. She owes her magical and serene character to the way she grows: swampy areas, through the mud and the water, where she only emerges and flourishes at the surface. Her self-cleaning capacity benefits her splendor and longevity. Moreover, it’s characterized by a long blossom time. This refers to our inner growth and the road to enlightenment. It’s possible for everyone to connect with the universe, also with your roots (past) in the darkness. Specifically the white lotus stands for perfection, purity and peace.

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