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Hem White Sage Hexa

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Hem White Sage Hexa

This package Hem White sage Hexa contains 1 pack incense . The packages have the hexagonal shape that you are used to from the brand Hem.

Hem White Sage Hexa
The packs of incense with the red symbol of the brand Hem are known everywhere. Hem White sage helps you meditate and release negative energy. You can also burn these incense sticks to clean your house. White sage has a pungent, spicy scent. The Indians used the plant for all kinds of cleaning rituals.

The origin of white sage

White sage grows on the coasts in California and is traditionally one of the herbs that Indians used to make contact with the spiritual world. They used sage in particular to attract good spirits and dispel the bad ones. In this way they cleaned their environment and themselves of negative energy. This cleansing ritual also became known in other parts of the world.

The white sage has a strong, spicy scent that people automatically associate with cleansing.

About the incense brand Hem

Hem incense is one of the more famous incense brands. The sticks are rolled by hand in Bangalore in India. This city is also called the "center of incense", because a lot of quality incense is made there.

It is known for the large assortment of excellent scents. The ingredients of the sticks are composed with care, so that you can experience a wonderful fragrance experience. In addition, the incense sticks from Hem are easy to use. They are not powdery, so you can light them easily.


Burn Hem white sage incense for a cleaning ritual.

White sage incense is a good choice to burn if you want to free your home from negative energy. To perform the ritual as effectively as possible, it is important that you open a window or door. This way the incense can spread well through your home and negativity can leave your home. White sage is also one of the most effective incense for removing or masking unpleasant odors.

Some people find white sage a pleasant scent to meditate on. However, this differs from person to person. White sage is a pungent, pungent odor. You can also burn this incense outdoors.

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