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Malakitt Anheng/Pendant 4 cm

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Malakitt Anheng/Pendant 4 cm 

Product specifications

Material :Gemstone

Size 4 cm 

Material : Zinc alloy

en powersten som gir fornyet energi, håp og lykke, oppløser innestengte følelser, inspirerer til selvutfoldelse, gir økt lykke, renser auraen, beskytter og tar opp negative energier, gir suksess i business

chakra: hjerte

Malachite - Transformative, spiritual knowledge 
Malachite is formed as a secondary product of the mineral copper, as the result of copper being altered by other chemicals. The large individual crystals are quite rare. 

Malachite is a regenerative and transformative crystal. The energy of malachite reminds us of the need to transform ill feelings, grief, and dark thoughts that might feel like they are poisoning us into light, bright and pure thoughts. In a way, it's a bit like a recycler crystal, as it reminds us to release negative experiences, even ones you may not be able to recall. It is also a crystal that promotes intuition and raises awareness of sacred information and spiritual knowledge.

Malachite is a powerful stone, especially for women. Empowers friendships, empathic insight that goes on in others. Malachite unlocks inhibitions and embarassment, so it can draw out any suppressed feelings, experiences and emotions. This enables coping with traumas and breaking through limiting patterns of behaviour and thinking. The stone enhances intuition, being able to visualise and think in the abstract, and it speeds up thought processing.

Malachite will absorb negative energy, and protect from radiation. Purifies and balances the chakras. Physically, malachite has a positive effect on menstrual disorders and female sex organs, and may ease childbirth. It helps with sexual problems, mainly when its cause is psychological.

Because malachite will absorb a lot of negative energies, the stone needs to be cleansed regularly. Do not wash with water or salt, because these may affect the stone. Bright sunlight might cause the stone to lose its colour. Malachite can be worn directly on the skin, also on the spot where it is needed. It can be placed on the solar plexus, in order to absorb negative emotions (purify immediately after!).(*)

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