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Mori no Kaori | Forest Fragrance | Japanese Incense by Nippon Ko

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Mori no Kaori | Forest Fragrance | Japanese Incense by Nippon Kodo | 60 sticks in a special box

3 Japanese Forest Fragrances - finely packaged

Mori no Kaori means 'Forest Fragrance' in Japanese. Burn these sticks to experience the fine natural, refreshing and invigorating aromas found in a Japanese Forest. Here you'll find Pine, Cypress and Cedar Tree fragrances.

'Listening' to these sticks will reward you with a beautiful aromatic experience. You may know about or have read about the Japanese pastime of Shinrin-yoku or Forest Bathing. This refers to mindful and peaceful time spent in a forest, immersing oneself in the peace and beauty of nature. These Incense Sticks will allow you to take a virtual journey to Japanese Forests - enjoy the best of the fragrances to be found there without leaving your living room!

The packaging is a fabric-covered Paulownia wood box and includes a ceramic Incense Stick holder. With its small side clasp, the box appears as a small fabric-bound book. In addition to appearances, the fabric serves the additional purpose of moisture protection, helping to keep the sticks in prime condition. 
A total of 60 Incense Sticks and a porcelain Incense Stick holder
20 Sticks of Pine fragrance (blue-green colour)
20 Sticks of Japanese Hinoki Cypress fragrance (green colour)
20 Sticks of Cedar fragrance (dark green colour)
Each incense stick is approx. 56mm long
Each has a burn time of approx. 13 minutes
Ships in a nice Paulownia wood box which is additionally 'bound' like a book
Excellent quality (fragrance, ingredients and the packaging)
Made in Japan

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