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Tigerøye - Tiger Iron tromlet medium

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Tigerøye - Tiger Iron tromlet medium 20-30 mm

  • Tiger Iron conceives to fights off the confusion as well as grant emotional strength.
  • Tiger Iron boosts the hidden creative vision as well as develops new endeavours.
  • It encourages the artistic capabilities too.
  • It strengthens and poises the overall torso of its carrier.

Tigers Iron:
Hardness: 7 Source: Australia, South Africa, Chakra: Solar Plexus, Zodiac: Leo – Vitality, blood , Balancing red-white blood count, toxicity, lower limb, muscle, stress, prolonging sexual pleasure, prolonged illness or hospitalization, brain hemisphere integration, perception, internal conflicts, pride, willfulness, emotional balance, broken bones, timid women, willpower, triple heater meridian, legal situations, iron absorption, Reynaud’s disease, leg cramps, spinal, alignment fractures.

Tiger Iron is known to exhibit the combined metaphysical properties of brown colored tiger’s eye, Hematite along with Red Jasper. The mystic features of this cabochon succour its holder to stay grounded, poised as well as centered to take on others feelings and emotions. Further, recognized for its colossal eminence, this lusty nugget resonates within the lower chakra and promote vitality to the overall torso of its bearer. If an individual feels emotionally exhausted or mentally and physically burned out, then he is counselled to put on this charismatic golden-tinged Tiger Iron. It takes in the propensity to ground all the earth energies to the wearer’s overall torso. It facilitates its holder to unearth the audacity just to uphold a deep connection with his conscious self to the energies of the nature’s art. The golden brown tints of this nugget are similar to that of tiger eye stone which helps its carrier to glare the ideas into reality. Further, this stone is believed to offer personal vigour at the times of change. Tiger Iron for its creativity is celebrated to provide solutions or ideas to the situations. It is moreover known to propound the thoughts of its carrier in the working world so as to come upwards with the novel approach of dealing with the old predicaments. On a physical plane, it is considered to improve the physical torso by reassembling the cells to their perfection. It is noticeable for those bearers who are emotionally sensitive as it is believed to contract and compact all the poignant energies. These poignant energies then budged down to develop the emotional integrity to centre the self. On the ground of physicality, it is too used to mend bone fractures, muscle cramps along with the aching muscles. Tiger Iron can be used to relieve stress too, as it is a nugget of confidence, willpower. It is too conceived to be favorable for balancing the blood cells count. It too treats well for absorbing the vitamins in the body especially vitamin B. Tiger Iron strengthens the muscles as it is believed to be too good at soaking up the iron. Recognized for its grounding eminence, it too creates a protective shield that screens the wearer from the perils of life. Being a boulder of knowledge, it brings in the clarity in the thoughts and persistence to see the truth of life. It is a jewel boulder that conveys the motivation along with the good luck. In customs, Tiger iron is branded to improve the physical structure of its carrier by improving the bone and muscle strength along with the internal organs of the physical torso like liver and sexual organs. Furthermore, it too pampers the nervous arrangement for sound, good. Tiger Iron correlates itself to the sacral and base chakras.


Alle former for Tigerøye hjelper med å heve vibrasjoner, og de kan også koble disse energiene til de lavere chakraene for å få de i balanse. Ha en Rød Tigerøye i lomma når du ønsker å legge til vitalitet og lidenskap til det du jobber med. Rød Tigerøye kan forbedre balansen innen et energifelt, og gjør det mulig å åpne opp for betingelsesløs kjærlighet.
Kan være god til å samle spredt og detaljert informasjon. Hevdes å være god for øye og halslidelser. Kan være god mot stress, usikkerhet og humørsvingninger.
Chakra: Solar plexus-Hara

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