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Chakra Chime - Citrine

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Chakra Chime - Citrine

This chime corresponds to the third chakra, the solar plexus one, which is related to personal power and growth. Its yellow colour is the one of citrine, a stone that symbolises hope and spontaneity and brings energy and affection. 

According to Eastern tradition, the 7 chakras (wheels in Sanskrit) condense, distribute and transform vital energy throughout the human body. Each chakra has its own properties and healing power. Western scientists have recently discovered that they correspond to the 7 main nerve ganglia on the spinal column.

When her third chakra works well, a person is able to express her will power without any fear. She's connected to her own strength and vitality. She accepts herself and the others fully, she's got a high self-esteem and she lives her emotions healthyly.

Let the Chakra Chime - Citrine inspire you on the path of your inner transformation. 


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