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Fiore d’Oriente Chakra røkelse Ajna

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Fiore d’Oriente Chakra incense Ajna

Pack with 10 sticks of Fiore d'Oriente's Ajna chakra incense, to harmonise the third eye chakra.
Handmade incense with natural ingredients only. No artificial or chemical ingredients​.

Packaging: Paper box with information in English, German and Italian.
Made in: Italy.

How to use
Light the stick, let it burn for a few seconds and blow out the flame.
Place the glowing stick in a suitable incense burner, away from any flammable objects.
Ventilate well.

Fiore d'Oriente Chakra Incense
Fiore d'Oriente has developped a line of natural incenses to help balance and develop the 7 chakras, the subtle energy system in and around our bodies. Designed to support good health, without any kind of artificial ingredients or additives.
This natural incense is made by following traditional recipies from India, where they are handrolled by families that make incense already for generations.
The ingredients used are natural resins, honey, essential oils, vegetable oils, wood dust, and herbs that are known in the Ayurvedic tradition to have medicinal properties.

Product specifications
Weight grams 20
Price per 1 pack
Size cm ±22.5
Burning hours ±60-70 min
Total weight gr. 32
Packaging Cardboard
Country of origin Italy

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