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Orgone Pyramid Crystal-Citrine Uriel 65-70mm

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Orgone Pyramid Crystal-Citrine Uriel 65-70mm

size ca 65-70 mm

Orgonite pyramids
The shape of the pyramid with its corners and points makes it ideal for attracting and removing energy. This pyramid is provided with an angel. Archangel Uriel is the protector against natural violence. He is closely connected with the earth and matter. In the Bible, Uriel is the angel who helped Noah in the construction of the ark.

Citrine and crystal
This beautiful orgone pyramide is filled with the sun. It is an heated sunny stone full of positive energy that you transfer and share with others. In the Middle Ages, citrine was prescribed as a medicine to combat winter depressions due to a lack of light. For centuries she has been seen as a piece of the sun. Do you feel empty and gloomy? Citrine fulfills her environment with joy in life. It helps to grow about depressions and destructive behavior. Citrine promotes self-respect and self-realization.
The clear crystal quarts has a strong healing effect and is ideal for energetic and healing work. It protects your aura against radiation and cleans the chakras so that they find their balance again. This is one of the most neutral and pure stone and therefore helps to adopt an impartial neutral attitude. She makes an ideal combination with orgonite, as she absorbs, regulates and releases energy.

Orgonites and electric smog.
Orgonite users believe that energy is transformable. This perspective gives us the chance to purify our environment from negative stimuli by transforming this energy into a salutary power. Orgonite works constantly without the need to unload and charge the stone.

You can place these pyramids next to devices that emit harmful radiation to balance the etheric energy. Many people benefit from the orgone energy fighting insomnia and nightmares by placing the orgonite next to or above the bed. The energy is attracted because of the organic material of the stone (casting resin) and then it’s reflected by the inorganic materials (metal). The conversion into a pure, positive flow is caused by this repetitive process in which the energy is reordered.

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