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Set of 7 Chakra Stones Cones in a Velvet Bag

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Set of 7 Chakra Stones Cones in a Velvet Bag

Semi-precious stones: Red Jasper, Peach Aventurine, Golden Quartz, Green Aventurine, Sodalite, Rock Crystal & Lapis Lazuli.

Come in a velvet bag. 
​Handmade products: colours and shapes may vary slightly.

Product specifications

Size 2.5 cm 

Material : Velvet

Material :Gemstone


What are chakras Chakra is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’ and means wheel of energy. They are the energy centres in your body. Most traditions are based on seven chakras. Sometimes there is also talk of eight or nine. The chakras together form a system. This means that they have an effect on each other and that they work together. Every chakra in us has specific characteristics and functions. The chakras are different kinds of consciousness. These are actually the different areas of your life. For example, the first chakra is linked to survival and the second to creativity. The third is your self-esteem and the fourth tells you something about love. Chakra five is your communication, six gives insight and the seventh connects you with the higher. Chakras can be felt in your body and can be seen in your behaviour. In order to influence or get to know chakras, special colours, symbols and gems are often used. The most common colours and gems are: * 1st chakra: red – red jaspis * 2nd chakra: orange – peach aventurin, carnel, orange calciet * 3rd chakra: yellow – gold quartz, citrine, yellow agate, yellow jaspis * 4th chakra: green – rose quartz or green aventurijn * 5th chakra: blue – lapis lazuli, sodalite, blue chalcedoon * 6th chakra: indigo – amethyst, grey-blue agaat * 7th chakra: violet – rhinestone or amethyst


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