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Topaz blå tromled S

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Blue Topaz Tumbled Stone

Size approx. 10-15 mm

The stone of love, good fortune and abundance. These stones are all lovely quality and have a noticeable blue colour.

There may be some brown dots here and there which are caused by Iron staining. Most Blue Topaz you see for sale will have this staining to a greater or lesser degree. The clear stones are always sorted out for use by the jewellery trade !

Blue Topaz Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Blue Topaz has a soothing and healing energy which is always directed to where it is most needed. It aids digestion and helps in cases where our sense of taste has been lost. It also helps with the healing of wounds and with skin eruptions. Blue Topaz is said to fortify our nerves and can help in treating anorexia.

Topaz, blue or otherwise, is often described as a "Stone of Love and of Good Fortune". It makes us receptive to love from every source, helps to stabilise our emotions and brings us joy. Blue Topaz also helps us to enjoy passionate moments. It helps to promote truth and forgiveness, openness and honesty. It assists in making us more generous, philanthropic and, indeed, feeling like we want to share our good fortune around. It can bring abundance into our lives and help us to discover our own inner riches. Blue Topaz is excellent at problem solving as, not only does it enable us to see both the bigger picture and the smaller detail, it also helps us to see how they relate to each other. It also helps us to become more aware of the influence that we may have on others and also make us more aware of the knowledge that we have gained through our work and our life experiences. Blue Topaz can help us to relax more, make us feel more confident, less tense and, clearly give voice to what we want to express and communicate. It helps us to achieve our goals, to develop more self confidence, as well as self control, and inspire us to strive for inner wisdom.

Blue Topaz can assist in bringing our body, our mind and our spirit into union with the forces of the universe. It is also useful in cleansing the aura and can help to speed up our spiritual development where we have been labouring over it. It is an excellent stone for meditation and helps us to experience visualisations. It also allows us to see the script we have been living by and where we may have strayed from our own truth. It helps us to live in accordance with our own aspirations and views.

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